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PE days

PE is taught on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 



We have been learning about a new story this week 'Jack and the Bean stalk', the children have had an amazing time learning the story. They are an absolute whizz at it. We have even had a magic apperance from our very own bean stalk! We are watching it closely and ensuring that the sneaky giant doesn't climb down it in the middle of our learning.  


WB 29.4.24

This week we have been writing our descriptions for the giant from our 'Jack and the beanstalk' story. We started by creating our own version of the giant based on lots of different types shown in books and programmes, we then have created some great descriptions that are personal to our versions. 

In art this week we have been looking at art work by Andy Warhol and created our first peice of pop art. The children chose there own image from a range such as a flamingo, a tiger, heinz ketchup bottle and many other to create there colourful repeating picture. The children worked so hard and did an amazing job using their draw skills. 

WB 6.5.24

This week we have been working super hard looking at our numbers. The children have been working on their representions of tens and ones with numbers up to 50. They have loved exploring and learning using the equiptment.

We have begun designing our product for our DT unit on textiles. The children have been given the task of designing and creating a prototype of a coat or a jacket as inspiration for our 'Primark' style shop. The children have come up with lots of amazing ideas using different materials.. 

Making 10s
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