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W/C 19th June 

This week, the children have had so much fun in Design Technology. They followed a simple recipe, weighed out ingredients and then baked their biscuits in the oven. The children have then followed their designs and decorated their biscuits with sparkles, smarties and icing! 

We also attended MegaFest at Baysgarth on Friday. We completed lots of activities to devlop our Tag Rugby skills and finished the day with a competition against another school. What an amazing, fun-filled day! 


W/C 12th June

Year 3 and 4 have been learning about performance poetry and looking at the poem Walking With My Iguana by Brian Moses.
They then changed the verses and worked together to recreate the poem. 


W/C 5th June

This week in RE, the children have learnt about the '5 Pillars of Islam'. They now understand what Muslims are expected to do in their lifetime to be considered 'good' and created their own '5 Pillars'. 

We also enjoyed the Summer Fayre. We played games, ate some delicious food and even decorated some biscuits. This was perfect practice for DT as we will be designing, baking and decorating biscuits this half term!

W/C 22nd May 

The children have had a creative start to the week and produced some amazing collages in the style of our artist, David Hockney.

W/C 15th May

In Design Technology, the children have tried and tasted a variety of different biscuits including ginger nuts, chocolate digestives, rich teas and bourbons. We had to describe their texture, appearance and flavour. Our favourite was the plain and simple rich tea. 

W/C 8th May 

So far this week, the children have carried out an investigation involving magnetic materials. They made a scientific prediction and then used magnets to explore materials in and outside of the classroom.

W/C 1st May 

In celebration of King Charles' Coronation, the children have had the opportunity to decorate their own crown at home as part of a school competition. Miss Cawkwell has already seen some amazing creations come back through the school gates and can't wait to see the others.

W/C 24th April 

This week, Year 3 and 4 have immersed themselves into the Greek Myth 'Theseus and the Minotaur'. Year 3, they have retold the story in their own words and Year 4 wrote a character description. They have produced some amazing final pieces! 
We have also had a theatre company come into school who performed 'Alice in Wonderland'. 

W/C 17th April 

Miss Cawkwell and Mrs French have enjoyed welcoming the children back after Easter break.
We have kicked off the Summer Term by looking at a Greek Myth in English and starting our Forces topic in Science with an experiment. The children investigated how objects move on different surfaces and found that the smoother the surface, the less friction!

W/C 27th March 

During the final week of Spring Term, the children have attended the Easter Fayre, completed an evaluation of their amazing artwork and have enjoyed their 'end of term experience'. They are now ready for a well-deserved break. Happy Easter!

W/C 20th March 

We have loved finishing our 'Moving Monsters' in DT this week. We finished our design and then created the pneumatic system to get it moving. 

We also attended 'The Big Sing' at The Baths Hall on Friday evening and had a blast. We sang our hearts out and danced our socks off - Miss Cawkwell is feeling very proud of all the children who participated and represented the school!

W/C 13th March 

In History, we looked at how Egyptians communicated with one another and made our very own Cartouche (an oval frame containing an important person's name in hieroglyphs). Some of the symbols were very tricky to replicate but we had a good go, check them out below!

We have also been exploring the different melting points in Science and on Wednesday, we melted white, milk and dark chocolate. We found that white chocolate melts the quickest and most of us thought it was the tastiest too.

W/C 6th March

Class 4 have worked really hard in test week and were able to join in with the Wildflower Workshop on Friday. We designed our own wildflower and recreated poppies, cornflowers and hyacinths.

We have also started our DT project which involved painting our moving monsters. Next lesson we are going to bring them to life by creating the pneumatic system!

W/C 27th February 

On Monday, we were lucky enough to watch a Climate Change Production. We learnt the different ways to keep the beach clean and what to do if we see a sea animal stuck in plastic.

We have also celebrated World Book Day this week. We created large book spines and made a Fact File about Philip Pullman (who is our Author of the Term) and completed a book review of The Firework Maker's Daughter. 

Make sure to check out our costumes in the pictures below!


W/C 20th February

We have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Orienteering this week as it got our bodies moving and developed our map reading skills. We have also used our inference skills to find out all the different ways God can be represented in our RE lesson.

Don't forget we start swimming next week so please remember to bring swimming kit on Tuesday and Thursday.

W/C 6th February

On Monday this week, we completed our vocal workshop for the Big Sing. We warmed our voices up and then learnt 7 different songs all about dragons. We cannot wait to perform on the 24th March!

We have also celebrated Children's Mental Health week and Internet Safety Day. We completed a YogaBugs live stream which helped us to relax and came up with a song to help us remember how to stay safe on the internet. We even shared it with the whole school in assembly. 

W/C 30th January

We have had such a brilliant start to this week! Our class did some First Aid training. We now know what to say on a 999 call and even had a go at doing chest compressions and abdominal thrusts. Make sure to check out the pictures below!

Year 3 have also been mastering a new skill in maths - dividing a two digit number by a one digit number. We have used base 10, counters and lolly pop sticks to help us and can now use flexible partitioning to work out calculations like 56 divided by 4!

W/C 23rd January 

This week we attended our school's Careers Fair and found out about lots of different jobs including catering, nursing and sports coaching! We were also lucky enough to take part in the Speed of Light event on Friday - it was so much fun. 

Christmas Play

Thank you to all that came to our Christmas play - Lights, Camel, Action - The Nativity! 

What a fab show!!


W/C 28th November

In PSHE, the children have maturely discussed some of the reasons people might get bullied. We then read the story of 'Zeb', a fictional character who looked different to others, and spoke about how he would feel and how we could help him. 

We have also spent lots of time perfecting our Christmas Performance 'Lights, Camel, Action!'. We can not wait for you to see it!

W/C 14th November 

Our focus in Literacy this week has been Poetry. We focussed on Kennings, a type of poem with only two-words per line. We had a look at an example together and had to guess which animal it was about! We then completed our own Kenning. Can you guess which animals our Kennings are about?

It has been Anti-Bullying week and we have all completed our own odd sock to celebrate being different to one another. 

W/C 7th November 

This week has been full of celebrations.

On Thursday, we participated in 'Protect Our Planet' day by watching some online webinars. We learnt how to protect our Forests, Earth and Ice and did some fun experiments. The first experiment involved making flood defences to stop the town from flooding - be sure to check out the pictures below!

We also celebrated Rememberance Day by making a class wreath and discussed the importance of remembering those who risked their lives for our freedom. 

W/C 31st October

After a restful break, the children have blown me away with the artwork they have produced this week. They have been drawing figures in the style of LS Lowry (who is our artist for this term) and have also replicated some cave paintings from the Stone Age during our history lesson. 

On Thursday, we auditioned for our Christmas play alongside Class 5. The children are very excited to find out their roles and have loved listening to the songs. We can't wait to be able to sing along and come up with some dance moves to match!

W/C 17th October

In PSHE, we have been focussing on friendships. As a class, we sometimes find it tricky to work together collaboratively. To combat this, we discussed what it means to work as a team and why it is so important. Miss Cawkwell then set us a challenge on our tables to see who could build the highest tower using marshmallows and spaghetti! We found it difficult to begin with but after working as a team, listening to one another's ideas and a few compramises, we built some amazing towers.

We have also had a visitor in this week to talk about Internet Safety. We discussed online risk and danger and ways that we could reduce the risk.

In science, we have learnt about the parts of a flower. We dissected a lily and then labelled it. After half term, we will be finding all about what these different parts do! 

W/C 10th October

This week, to celebrate World Mental Heath Day we discussed what mental health means and trialled out some different ways to keep our minds healthy. This involved doing some mindfulness colouring and also doing some Yoga for our PE lesson!

We also looked at Jackie Robinson as part of Black History month. We spoke about how the world has changed for the better because of people like him and even put ourselves in the 'hot seat' to imagine what life as a famous, black baseballer in the 1900's. 

W/C 3rd October

So far this week, said have set up our investigation to discover how water transports through plants. This involved putting white carnations in water with food colouring. What do you think will happen to the petals?

In maths, we have moved onto addition and subtraction. We recapped our number bonds to 10 with a song and a game of 'Hit the Button' and have now moved onto adding and subtracting 1's, 10's and 100's.

W/C 26th September 

This week started by making marmalade sandwiches (like the ones the late Queen Elizabeth II and Paddington Bear enjoyed). This highlighted the importance of making instructions specific and timely. We are now in the process of writing a set of instructions, explaining how we planted our beans (some of which, are growing already!).

In RE, we learnt that Hindus have one true God, Brahman, who comes in many forms. We then created our own Hindu God and explained what it would represent.

W/C 19th September 

In Literacy, we have been focussing on writing our very own version of 'The Three Billy Goat's Gruff'. As a class we discussed features of a story and then acted it out, creating our very own freeze frames. 

We have also been learning about Plants in Science and have planted a variety of seeds. It is now our job to make sure they grow by giving them the four things we know they need! Sunlight, air, warmth and water. 

Last week in History, we became archaeologists and found artefacts from the Stone Age! We couldn't believe that they used to have snail shell necklaces and bowls made out of wood.

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