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Remote Learning Offer


Why do we have an online remote learning tool?

On 1st October 2020 the Department for Education (DfE) published a directive under the coronavirus act 2020, which states that all state-funded school age children must be provided “immediate access to remote education”. The DfE made clear within the Directive that “schools have a legal duty to provide remote education for state-funded, school-age children unable to attend school due to coronavirus (Covid-19)”. This direction comes into force on 22nd October 2020.

Killingholme Primary School will teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate.  However, we have needed to make some adaptations in some subjects.  For example, PE, DT and Art would need to be modified to accommodate the space and resources available in the home environment.

Remote Teaching and Study Offer Each Day 

How long can I expect work set by the school to take my child each day?

We expect that remote education, including remote teaching and independent work will take broadly the following number of hours each day:

EYFS Up to 3 hours a day
KS1 Up to 3 hours a day (comprised of one hour-long live lesson and two independent assignments)
KS2 Up to 4 hours a day (comprised of one hour-long live lesson and three independent assignments)


Killingholme Primary School and Microsoft Office 365

The school is pleased to announce that due to government funding we will now be able to offer Microsoft Office 365 to help support students with their home learning. In accordance with the introduction of GDPR legislation introduced in 2018, Microsoft Office 365 has been investigated by our Data Protection Team. Additional information regarding how Microsoft processes data can be found using the following link: 


We understand that our students need to be capable and proficient in the use of digital technology if they are to succeed in the world of employment. With this in mind, we will utilise the Microsoft Office 365 suite within the classroom on the daily basis. We believe the benefits of this will be two fold

1. Students will become more proficient in the use of digital technologies

2. Students will be better equipped to adapt to remote learning.

In the event of partial school closures the expectation will be that students will continue to access remote learning via Microsoft Office 365, this will include a blended approach of assigned independent work and live/recorded lessons delivered through Microsoft Teams.

We understand that it is not always easy for parents to acommodate remote learning, with this in mind, we have gathered parent views. We hope that the school has provided an offer which assists parents as much as possible with remote learning. 


What will happen if my child is asked to self-isolate?

If your child is asked to self-isolate, please contact the school office to make further arrangements for learning provision.


If a child does not have digital or online access at home, how will the school support them to access remote education?

We recognise that some students may not have suitable online access at home. We take the following approaches to support those students to access remote education: 

  • The school will loan laptops to identified students
  • The school will liaise carefully with families that struggle to engage with remote learning to ensure that students can access learning whilst not in school. The school will make every endeavour that is viably possible to ensure that students have access to their learning. 


What are the school's expectations of student's engagement and the support that parents and carers should provide at home?

The school expects students to engage fully with remote education. We ask that parents provide students with a supportive, calm and distraction-free environment in which to complete their work.

Parents should encourage students to seek support from their class teacher if they are stuck with any of aspect of their remote learning.

The school will contact parents via telephone. 


Complementary Online Resources

In addition to the school's remote learning offer we have also listed below additional resources which parents may wish to utilise to support remote learning.

As of April 20th 2020, the UK Government launched the Oak National Academy. This is an online 'school' created by top teachers to provide 180 lessons worth of content for pupils aged from 5 upwards. The website provides a weekly schedule (which I will provide below), which details the maths, English and foundation subject lessons for the week. To help support pupils for their return to school we are advising parents to use the Oak National Academy as the starting point for any home learning activities.

Here is a link to the Oak National Academy:


You may wish to share work with your teacher so that they can provide feedback or offer you more personalised tasks to support your learning. To support this, we have set up a platform on SeeSaw (usernames and passwords are still being set up for some classes), this will allow students to upload work and will also enable teachers to provide feedback and set new tasks. A username and password will be required and will be issued by your class teacher. A link to the SeeSaw website can be found here:


The BBC has also extended its Bitesize content to include additional video lessons which can be used throughout the week to support pupil's learning, a link to the Bitesize website can be found here:


Foundation and Nursery Class Resources

Additional resources specific to foundation and nursery pupils can be found here: 


The following link, provides the phoincs songs we use in school:



For young children, CBEEBIES has resources to help support parents with learning maths at home: 

Additional Resources


White Rose Maths (the scheme currently used in our school) has created a bank of 5 maths lessons (for each year group) which will be released each week whilst the schools are closed.



The maths factor (led by Carol Voderman) are offering free subscriptions whilst the schools are closed. A great resource for practising times tables.


The website below is designed for nursery and reception age children and contains a variety of maths tasks/fun worksheets which you can complete at home with your child


The NRICH website also has a whole section dedicated to supporting parents with maths teaching at home: 


The Hamilton Trust similar to White Rose Maths also has bank of daily maths lessons which can be completed at home. Great if you would like to change up maths teaching occassionally:


The Topmarks website has a bank of great online maths games, which are a fun and quick way for children to practise their maths skills:




This website has a bank of free reading books and related resources:


More free online books are available here (including readings of books such as How to Train Your Dragon)


Daily writing lessons on Youtube which are based on children's films (the current film being studied is La Luna by Pixar)


Daily audio stories from David Walliams (stories are currently being read from the World's Worst Children 2):


Holly King-Mand, a former primary school teacher is hosting daily literacy lessons on Facebook live everyday Monday to Friday at 10:55am. You can submit work etc to her via Messenger:


Amazon Audible Stories is a website with a huge store of free audio books which can be listened to at home:


The Classroom of Secrets has a series of home learning packs which can be downloaded (please note this download pack will require some printing)


English Mastery have also created English home learning packs for each year group from Y1 up to Y6 (once again you will need printer access to use this resource):

The Literacy Shed provide resources which promote writing skills through the use of films. The website also provides learning packs which can be used to support writing at home. This website is suited best for pupils who are aged 7 years plus.


The website below provides daily spelling lessons via Youtube, a timetable of the lessons can be found using the link below:


The following website has a bank of online poems which the children can listen to and read (poems are often a great place to start, especially with children who are reluctant to read, as the short text makes them very appealing):


Online Safety

We expect that many students will be using the internet to access learning resources throughout the school closure and therefore we advise parents to be vigilant in their supervision when children are using the internet. We would also advise parents to continue to teach children how to become responsible online citizens. CEOP has provided weekly home learning packs which support children in learning how to use the internet safely and responsibly.

Foundation Subjects (Subjects other than Reading, Writing, Science and Maths)

A local headteacher has put together this padlet which links to a variety of different websites:


Daily PE lessons with Joe Wicks streaming live from Youtube at 9:00am every morning throughou the school closure period:


Please note there is a cost involved in this one: but this website has links to workbooks which can be purchased on Amazon. The links are organised by age group and then subject area. https://thenationalcurriculum.com/learning-at-home/?utm_campaign=1716105_Learning%20at%20home%20-%20Covid%2019%20-%20March%2020&utm_medium=email&utm_source=The%20National%20Curriculum&dm_i=2RN8,10S5L,


A bank of recipes from Jamie Oliver which you can cook at home with the kids (a great way to teach maths skills to children):



Simple music lessons for children, taught by Myleene Klass lessons are streamed live on Mondays and Fridays at 10am, she will also be hosting a Disney Lullaby session on Wednesday afternoons: 



DDMIX is streaming live dance/discos sessions for families everyday at 1:30pm via Facebook live: 



Theo Cooks is offereing free Kids Cook with Theo sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4:00pm. The ingredients will be posted the day before available to view on: 



Steve Backshall has hosted a live Question and Answer Session all about habitats and different wildlife, this is available on youtube on: 



The Day is a daily newsletter for parents which gives you suggested real life activities to complete with children of each age:



The NHS have short 10 minute exercise videos which can be followed at home:



The BBC Supermovers series combines exercise with learning literacy and maths skills, a fun and interesting way to break up the day:




Competitions and Community Groups

Below are a list of different Facebook Groups organised by North Lincolnshire Council's Inspired Learning. The groups are a place to share crafts and information as well as provide support for parents whilst the schools are closed: 

North Lincolnshire Museum – Dudleys Takeaway


This group exists as a positive space for the community to gather online to share their creativity. In this group we have been sharing our usual Dudley Discovers weekend craft activities. We have also been posting articles and activities relating to our heritage collection that people can get involved in and learn more about their local area.

20-21 Visual Arts Centre ARTivities
20-21 Visual Arts Centre ARTivities offers an online version of the free ARTivity table in our art gallery in Scunthorpe. We'll be sharing lots of suggested crafts to have a go at, art challenges of all sorts, and opportunities to share what you're making. We won't be forgetting our under 5's either, with regular activities and makes for preschoolers.


20-21 Visual Arts Community Art Group
20-21 Visual Arts Community Art Group is an online gathering place for anyone who enjoys art. You don't need to be an expert, we welcome everyone who wants to be involved. We'll be sharing our art and crafts with each other, discussing our favourite art, maybe having a go at something new, including lots of fun art challenges and offering each other positive encouragement to get creative.


Performing Arts Community Group
The Performing Arts Community Group is an online gathering place for anyone who enjoys performing arts including Music, Drama, Dance, Singing, Poetry or Spoken Word. You don't need to be an expert, we welcome everyone who wants to be involved and join in. We will be sharing anything performing arts based including videos, tutorials, and anything to keep a positive vibe across the community.


Reading Competitions

The Love 4 Reading website is a great website for reading lists and recommended books for children of all ages, throughout the school closure the website is also running reading competitions which you may wish to take part in. See the link below:



Below is a brilliant writing competition which is taking place in North Lincolnshire. Children need to create a rainbow acrostic poem which will be shared with NHS staff, please see the flyer below for further information:


Wellbeing and Emotional Support

During the school closure, you may find that children experience some anxiety about the current global situation. Since it is an anxious time for many adults it is unsurprising that children experience this too. Below are some resources which you may find helpful in supporting your child's emotional wellbeing throughout this difficult time.

Please remember that the school is here to support every step of the way throughout the school closure if you have any concerns or worries at all, however small please do not hesitate to contact the school.

The Anna Freud Centre has created a bank of resources to help support children's wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic:

In the extremely unfortunate event your family experiences a bereavement or loss throughout the Coronavirus pandemic there are some bereavement resources available below. If such an event were to occur we strongly recommend that you contact the school as we may be able to offer additional support at this extremely challenging and sensitive time:


The Children's Comissioner has released a guide for children on the Coronavirus, a copy is available here:

Government support for parents and carers to keep children safe online.

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