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At Killingholme Primary School, our team work hard to deliver a vision for PE, Physical Activity and School Sport that is inclusive for all students, stimulating, motivating and encouraging. Our vision focuses solely on: inspiring, promoting and offering pupils the opportunity to take part in and enjoy new sporting activities, whilst encouraging students to develop their understanding and independently take action to improve their mental and physical health, in order to live healthy, long lives.

Our school vision aims to entrench positive attitudes and encourage students to achieve their full potential, develop teamwork skills and leadership skills that are an essential skill for lifelong learning. Collaborating alongside the school sports vision are the values and skills which are established from EYFS through to students leaving for further education in year 6. At Killingholme Primary, we work hard to help students implement and embed strong sporting values such as: equality, diversity, honesty, respect, perseverance, determination, stamina, commitment, friendship, courage and much more!

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Sports Day July 2020!

On Thursday 16th July 2020, staff and students took part in the annual Sports Day! We are pleased to announce that all students displayed great sportsmanship, determination and stamina! The competition was close and students competed with every ounce of effort possible! 

The results are as follows:

The Laysan Albatross: 635 Points (1st)

The Steller Sea Lions: 555 Points (2nd)

The Loggerhead Sea Turtles: 440 Points (3rd)

The Baleen Whales: 410 Points (4th)

Well done to all of our students, we can't wait to welcome you all back in September 2020!

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