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Welcome to Class 2 – Year 1

Class teacher: Miss Chapman

Class teaching assistants: Mrs Kittle and Mrs Grimbleby

Topics for the year:

Autumn Term 1 – Jim and the Beanstalk

Autumn Term 2 – Sidney, Stella and the Moon

Spring Term 1 – Lost and Found

Spring Term 2 – Stanley’s Stick

Summer Term 1 and 2 – Cave Baby

Autumn Term 1

This term we have worked hard learning our new Year 1 routine.  We have all enjoyed learning about Jim and the Beanstalk and how plants grow.

We have been working very hard practising our handwriting.  Now we are Year 1, we have to use approach strokes and remember to start our letters on the line.

Autumn 1
Autumn 2

We've travelled on the Polar Express!

It was the night before Christmas and we could hear sleigh bells ring. A conductor arrived and helped us on board the Polar Express! Lots of magical things happened on the Polar Express! Have a look!

All aboard the Polar Express!

Today we visited the North Pole and wrote about some of the things we could hear, taste, smell and see whilst we were there. We're very proud of handwriting and the hard work with our spelling!