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Religious Education Curriculum

Lincolnshire Locally Agreed Syllabus for RE (2018)

The new Lincolnshire locally agreed syllabus for RE comes into effect in September 2018. All local authority and voluntary controlled church schools are legally required to use this syllabus as the basis of their RE curriculum. Academies and voluntary aided church schools are invited to use this syllabus as the basis of their RE curriculum, but they are not required to do so. For more information about statutory duties in relation to RE in academies, please see the document below. 

The aim of RE in Lincolnshire:

To produce pupils who are religiously literate and able to hold balanced and informed conversations about religion and belief.

Good RE should:

  • develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of Christianity as well as other principal religions and world views
  • focus on concepts as well as content, within the context of enquiry based learning
  • explore authentic religious material, e.g. sacred texts  reflect diversity in terms of the changing religious landscape of the UK (see 2011 census below) so that they are prepared for life in modern Britain
  • engage and challenge pupils
  • reflect pupils’ own experiences and provide a safe space for discussion
  • present religious belief as a real, lived phenomenon, not something exotic or belonging to the past
  • take into account the increase in the number of people with non-religious beliefs and identities
  • provide opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development
  • help to prepare pupils for adult life, enabling them to develop respect and sensitivity for others

Collective Worship

‘Collective Worship’ is a time when the whole school or groups within the school meet together to engage in relevant, meaningful experiences, providing opportunities for the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

At Killingholme Primary School, collective worship is set within the context of ‘Assemblies’

Intent, Implementation and Impact

Relevent Documents

Killingholme Primary Relgious Education Values

RE Values
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