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Early Years Foundation Stage

In the foundation class is where our youngest children begin school. Here, we pride ourselves on our caring, nurturing approach to young children’s education because we believe that it is when children feel happy and safe that the very best learning takes place. Our youngest children in school follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and this ensures not only a very individual, child-led approach but also makes sure children have an exciting and creative start to their school life. We encourage our children to make good friends, develop confidence and to enjoy every moment of each day.  We strive to develop close partnerships with our parents because they have deep knowledge of their children and it is by working together that we can ensure we meet each child’s unique needs. We work collaboratively with other professionals such as physiotherapists and speech and language therapists because it is in this way we can provide a holistic approach to our children’s education and care.


Baseline Assessments


It includes information about:

  • why schools are doing the assessment
  • what happens during the assessment
  • access arrangements
  • how the data is used

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