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School Curriculum


Central to the way we deliver our curriculum is a strong focus on developing children's enterprise skills. It is important to us that children leave us with the skills and knowledge necessary for them to make informed decisions about their future career choices.

All of our topics are driven by a core text, and our foundation subjects (history, geography and art etc) are delivered within the theme of the text.  PE is delivered by a PE specialist twice a week.


Our literacy curriculum is based upon the National Curriculum which is a statutory document. This gives you a break down of which skills are to be covered in each year group.Copies of the English National Curriculum can be found here.

In Reception and KS1 we teach children to read using a highly structured programme called Letters and Sounds which is made up of blocks known as phases:

To support pupil's reading we use the Oxford University Press's Oxford Reading Tree Scheme. Further details about how homework supports pupil's learning can be found in our homework policy. Click the link below to be taken to our homework policy: https://killingholmeprimary.co.uk/northlincs/primary/killingholme/site/pages/informationanddata/policies

PE Long Term Plan 2018/19

Below you can see a breakdown of which texts are to be covered (with the theme detailed underneath for each half term).

Please see below the attached curriculum plans for the 2018-19 year

Please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher or the headteacher (Mrs Carol Eaton) if you wish to have more a detailed breakdown of the curriculum our school is following.

RE Curriculum

At Killingholme Primary School we follow the agreed statutory RE syllabus as set by the Humberside SACRE. As our children move throughout the school we endeavour to give them an increasingly broad experience of the different faiths as practiced throughout our country. We feel that RE has a key role to play in ensuring our children become respectful and tolerant citizens. To support parents we have attached below a copy of the RE overview for the school, in addition we have specified the different religions pupils will encounter as they move throughout school: 

  • Early Years Foundation Stage the learning outcomes are referenced to Christianity and as appropriate to a range of other beliefs and cultures
  • KS1 - Christianity and Islam
  • KS2 - Christianity, Judaism and Islam

Please also see attached the overview of RE throughout the school. Please note that the order in which these units are taught may vary slightly dependent on other topic work/specific events or festivals within school.












supplement ideas from Christmas


1.1 Looking at me, looking at you


What makes us special?


2.1 Belonging


What does it mean to belong?


3.1 Remembering


Why remember?

4.1 Belief in the community


What does it mean to belong to a faith?

5.1 Expressions of faith


How do people express their faith?

6.1 Justice and freedom


Is it fair?


supplement ideas from Easter


1.2 Caring for the world


How can we keep the world special?

2.2 Believing


How do people demonstrate their beliefs?

3.2 Faith founders


Who are the faith founders and what did they teach?

4.2 Saints and heroes


What makes a hero?


5.2 Faith in action


What inspires people to follow a faith and what is the cost?


6.2 Living a faith


What gives a sense of identity and belonging?


1.3 Worship and festivals


What is worship?

2.3 Questions, questions


What are the Big Questions?

3.3 Encounters


What makes a place sacred?

4.3 Our world


What do religions teach about caring for our world?

5.3 Pilgrimage


Why do people of faith make a pilgrimage?

6.3 Hopes and visions


What is life about?

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