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On our Sporting News page we'll keep you up to date on the recent Sports competitions that have taken place within Killingholme Primary's Sport houses: The Albert Einsteins, The Florence Nightingales, The Charles Dickens and The Abraham Lincolns. Each term students take part and compete for their Sports House in an intraschool competition. These competitions provide all students with the opportunity to earn points which are accumulated throughout the year and contribuite towards our annual School Games Sports Day! Here we will also keep you updated on the upcoming Sporting Event's within the wider community and how the students progress through these! Keep visiting the page for more news and updated scoring throughout competitions! Head to the bottom of the page to see what is in store for this year's calendar of sports!

Intra-School Leader Board Results 2023/24!

During the Autumn term we have completed competitions within our class school sports houses that have been appropriate to the PE curriculum and our new found skills. Our students have worked exceptionally hard and are very proud of their efforts and the points scored for their teams! This term we have competed in fundamentals, skipping and hockey! The results are as followed:

The Albert Einsteins: 437 points = 1st

The Charles Dickens: 317 points = 2nd

The Florence Nightingales: 266 points = 3rd

The Abraham Lincolns: 248 points = 4th

Boccia Tournament January 2024!

On Tuesday 30th January 2024, we visited Wootton St Andrew's Church of England (VA) Primary School to take part in a Boccia competition! Our students loved the afternoon being able to show off their hand-eye coridination and striking target skills! Although we didn't win the competition, we were really proud of our students, their 'Respect' for the game, perseverance and dedication to succeed! Congratulations to Wootton St Andrew's, who won the compeition and this time the trophy! We are looking forward to our next tournament, which is sure to crank up the level of competition and flair we've already seen so far! Our students said:

-'I had so much fun getting to know the other kids'

-'I really enjoyed it!'

Dodgeball Tournament November 2023!

On Tuesday 21st November 2023, we were excited to host our very own small schools, dodgeball competition between Killingholme Primary School, Wootton St Andrew's Church of England (VA) Primary School and Goxhill Primary School! What an outstanding competition it was between the three schools, where over 20 games were played to the highest level of competition amongst our year 3 and 4 students! We were beyond proud to have won the overall competition and secure the trophy until our next competition in the new year! Congratulations to our students for winning and for demonstrating amazing 'Determination' throughout practice and within the competition! A huge well done to Goxhill and Wootton students for your amazing dedication, respect and effort to the competition! Our students said:

-'I loved that compeition, I want to do it again!'

-'I can't believe we won!'

-'Can we please do this again, it was amazing!'

Hockey Tournament October 2023!

This year we have teamed up with Goxhill Primary School and Wootton St Andrew's Church of England (VA) Primary School to improve our small school’s competitions! Our first competition took place on Monday 16th October at Goxhill Primary School, where 9 of our students (who have shown a real ‘Passion’ for Hockey this half term) attended to compete and shown their new found skills and talent for Hockey! We are really proud of our students, who have demonstrated a real dedication and fantastic attitude, by attending extra-curricular Hockey and trying their hardest within PE! Well done everyone, it was a great day and we’re super excited for the next competition! Our students said:

-'I had the best time competing against the other schools'

-'I felt so smart taking our own hockey sticks, they looked great'

-'I scored a goal against the other school!' 

Sphero October 2023!

On Wednesday 4th October, our school had a brand new experience (organised by our School Sports Partnership) where we worked to code and programme robots to compete in football games! Sphero came into school and our students loved every minute of working with the STEM enhancing game! It has been fantastic to see a new and inspiring programme that excites students, is modern, inclusive and brings new level of competition into the world of sports! We can’t wait to have Sphero back in school and see what the next level of challenge holds in store! Our students said:

‘I loved using the robots and being able to control their movements!’

‘I really enjoyed working with my friends to code the robots!’

Football Experience Day September 2023!

On Wednesday 20th September, our students had the chance to take part in a brand new event (organised by our School Sports Partnership) at the Ethiad Stadium in Manchester! We had the opportunity to ask questions and explore the many different job roles that surround and support professional football and experience a day in the life of a footballer! Our students had an amazing day and felt inspired by the day’s events which saw them attend the Ethiad Statium and the National Football Musuem!

Our students said:

‘It was the best day’

‘I enjoyed the day because I got chance to see the different roles’

‘The stadium was amazing’

Intra-School Leader Board Results 2022/23!

Here are the overall results for our Intra-school competitions this year! What a fantastic year of sports it has been for Killingholme this year! A HUGE congratulations goes out to all of our students and their phenomenal achievements! We can't wait to see what 2023/24 has in store for us and look forward to welcoming you back in September! 

The Charles Dickens = 1287 points = 1st

The Florence Nightingales = 1160 points = 2nd

The Abraham Lincolns = 1100 points = 3rd

The Albert Einsteins = 1040 points = 4th

Colour Run July 2023!

On Thursday 20th July, we were extremely pleased to welcome back our Sports Partership-Let's Get Ahead! We held our annual Colour run and the turn out was a huge success! Thank you to all of the parents and carers who were able to join us for the afternoon and Get Coloured! Our students, as ever, loved the event and it was evident that emotional well-being was incredibly high and positive as the students, parents, staff and carers smiled the whole afternoon! We loved every minute of the colour run and we are so pleased that our students got to take part again in a wonderful treat after a years hard word and amazing efforts! Well done everyone! 

Women's World Cup Football Festival July 2023!

On Thursday 13th July, our students took part in their final intra-school competition of 2023! We welcomed back our sports partnership to help with hosting a Football Festival ahead of the upcoming Women’s World Cup! Our students were delighted to have the opportunity to showcase and use their football skills to compete for the final time in their team colours and what a great end to the year it was! Well done to each and every one of our students for your continued determination and dedication to sports! The results are as follows:

The Albert Einsteins = 81 points = 1st

The Charles Dickens = 76 points = 2nd

The Abraham Lincolns = 69 points = 3rd

The Florence Nightingales = 68 points = 4th

Our Students said:

“I really enjoyed the penalty shootout and dribbling skills before the competition!” – Year 6 Student

“I enjoyed getting to practice some new skills!” – Year 2 Student

“I enjoyed scoring goals and the 2 minute challenge!” – Year 2 Student

“I enjoyed just trying my best!” – Year 4 Student

“I liked learning even more about football!” – Year 4 Student

“I just had loads of fun!”- Year 3 Student

Sports Day July 2023!

On Tuesday 4th July, our students took part in the annual School Games Sports Day! We saw our students take flight this year for the first time ever in competitive hurdles, we welcomed back the relay and of course the traditional egg and spoon! Our whole school took part in an array of events and gave their very best for theirselves, their teams and their school! Thank you to all of the parents and carers who were able to attend- your support really does motivate and encourage the children to dig deep and try even harder! Well done to all of our students, as always, for their amazing display of stamina, teamwork, respect, self-belief and passion! Congratulations goes out to all four of our sports houses. The overall results of the competition are as follows:

The Abraham Lincolns = 545 points = 1st

The Charles Dickens = 475 points = 2nd + The Florence Nightingales = 475 points = 2nd

The Albert Einsteins = 430 points = 3rd

Our students said:

"I liked that my mum and dad came to watch me!" - Year 1 student

"I enjoyed the egg and spoon and the hurdles!" - EYFS Student

"I liked that everyone had fun!" - Year 3 student

"I enjoyed watching the parents and staff take part in tug of war!" - Year 5 student

"That I came 1st, 2nd and 3rd!" - Year 3 student

Development Swimming April 2023!

On Monday 21st April we were super excited to enter the Development Swimming Competition hosted by our fantastic Sports Partnership- 'Let's Get Ahead! A team of 10 students from years 5 & 6 travelled to the Pods, Scunthorpe and completed a varitey of different races including: breast stroke, front crawl, back crawl, freestyle and mixed medley events! We are beyond proud that we were able to attend and sucessfully take part in this strenuous and hard competition and want to say a massive well done to all of our students who took part! You demonstrated phenomenal teamwork, passion, belief, determination and respect!

Sustrans Big Walk & Wheel March 2023!

This year we took part once again in the Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel to school week and what a fantastic outcome we have achieved! 93.87% of our students actively travelled to and from school each day during the event and even further to this we came a WHOPPING 16th out of 773 small primary school's that took part in the competition! What an outstanding achievement our families have completed with the children and a HUGE well done to everyone who was able to get involved! We can't wait to take part again next year and keep up the active travel and fantastic work going!

Primary Dance Showcase March 2023!

On Thursday 22nd March 2023, we attended the annual Primary Dance Showcase organised by our fantastic Sports Partnership! Our students did a fantastic job of showcasing their enthusiasm for dance and their amazing talents! A HUGE well done to everyone who took part and thank you to the parents and carers who were able to attend the event and support your loved ones! 

 Our students said:

'I loved our costumes, hair and makeup and getting the opportunity to see a varitey of different costumes at the Baths Hall!' - Year 6 student

'I loved dancing and that my parents were able to come and watch!'- Year 5 student

'I was really nervous but when I heard the crowd clapping it made me feel confident and I really enjoyed performing!'- Year 6 student 

Orienteering February 2023!

*Back by popular demand* On Wednesday 22nd February, we welcomed back our Sports Partnership to help us host an Orienteering Competition, based on student voice, previous enjoyment, engagement and positive participation! Our students demonstrated phenomenal teamwork and enhanced their skills further in order to complete challenges, using maps and following trails all whilst being agasint the clock! Well done to all of our students who competed in their Sports Houses and gained some epic points! Our students said about the event:

'I loved taking part and running'- Year 1 student

'I was able to complete more than one trail and really challenge myself' - Year 6 student

The results are as follows:

The Charles Dickens = 405 points = 1st

The Florence Nightingales = 375 points = 2nd

The Abraham Lincolns = 250 points = 3rd

The Albert Einsteins = 210 points = 4th

Speed of Light January 2023!

New to Killingholme Primary this year! Our students were super excited to welcome the 'Let's Get Ahead' Partnership into school to host a 'Speed of Light' competition for the very first time! The aim of the competition was to work together as a team in order to hit the 'orbs' with the team colours as many times as possible whilst also against the clock! These competitions grew harder as patterns, speed and instructions became more challenging! Our students rose to the challenge and earned more points for their Sports Houses, which has left the numbers very close indeed! Well done to everyone who took part and demonstrated great communication, teamwork, coordination, resillience, perseverance and more!

Our students said:

'I loved the colours and hitting the orbs' - EYFS student

'I liked working with my team mates' - Year 2 student

'I was so sweaty afterwards, it was really exciting! I haven't played anything like that before!' - Year 5 Student

Here are the results from the competition:

The Albert Einsteins = 80 points = 1st

The Abraham Lincolns = 70 points = 2nd

The Charles Dickens = 60 points = 3rd

The Florence Nightingales = 30 points = 4th


Autumn Intra-school Competition 2022!

This term we're back off to a brilliant start here at Killingholme Primary! Our students have blown this half term's competition out of the park and have demonstrated their very best efforts and skills in reference to what they've been learning in PE!

Reception children took part in a competition called 'Fantasy Island' which included lots of games involving hand-eye cordination, catching and throwing and navigating around a safe space!

KS1 consolidated their new found balls skills and put them to the test in a 'Bowling' competition! 

KS2 put their Gymnastic abiities to the test! Using the Sainsbury's School Games Criteria, we hosted our own Gymnastics competition and really put on a fantastic show modelling a variety of balances, rolls, travels and jumps!

Everyone did a fantastic job and tried their very best to achieve lots of points for their Sports House! The results are as follows:

The Charles Dickens = 266 points = 1st

The Albert Einsteins = 239 points = 2nd

The Florence Nightingales = 212 points = 3rd

The Abraham Lincolns = 166 = 4th

Sports House Leader board 2021/22!

On Friday 15th July 2022 we held our annual Sports Day and what a day of competition it was! Congratulations to all of our students for their fantastic efforts, attitudes, sportsmanship and teamwork! Thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to support and spectate (and compete as well) and to our valued school staff too! Below are the overall results for the end of year School Sports Houses:

The Charles Dickens = 1755 points = 1st

The Florence Nightingales = 1633 points = 2nd

The Albert Einsteins = 1628 points = 3rd

The Abraham Lincolns = 1371 points = 4th

Again, congratulations to all of our students for what has been a fantastic year of competitive sports and new experiences too! Bring on 2022/23!

Let's Get Ahead Sports Competitions 2021/22!

In 2020/21 our Sports Partnership, Let's Get Ahead invited us to take part in virtual, interschool competitions throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. These competitions allowed our students to continue to develop their personal growth and achievement, competing in school and were able to see the running leaderboard as we moved throughout the year! We have opted to take part in the competitions once again and our students are extremely pleased! We're off to a great start and have so far completed and competed in:

-Fantasy Footgolf, September 2021 (working through a variety of holes, teeing off and aiming to get to the green with the smallest par using student's feet!)

-Marathon Movers, October 2021 (completing jogging/walking laps around the playground encouraging additional movement and exercise daily!) 

Please see below the results for this year's virtual competitions and a list of the schools we competed against!

Team Challenge June 2022!

On Tuesday 28th June 2022, we were pleased to welcome back our Sports Partnership for our students to take part in another new physical activity experience! Students had the opportunity to work together in non-competitive 'crystal-maze' like challenges, in order to complete the games! These challenges required the students to really focus on positive communication, team-work and determination to succeed! 

'I really enjoyed the challenges because they were different and I've never seen them before' - Year 4 student

'I enjoyed working with my friends to complete the games' - Year 2 student

Colour Run June 2022!

On Thursday 23rd June 2022 our brilliant Sports Partnership joined us in leading a Colour Run for the second year in a row! Our students loved this non-competitive, highly inspiring and new opportunity to take part in physical acitivity that was fun, colourful and energetic! This year we invitied parents and carers to join us on the field and to also #GetColoured! There were smiles all round and the feedback fantastic from students, staff and parents/carers!

'It was so funny and my mum got covered in paint too!' - EYFS student

'I loved it because the teachers joined in with us!' - Year 5 student

Orienteering March 2022!

On Monday 28th March our School Partnership joined us in hosting our very first Orienteering Competition! Our students worked together and used their skills and knowledge to navigate through a variety of challenging routes in a bid to complete the trail with the quickest time! The day was a great success and the results phenomenal! Our students said about the event:

'I liked finding the numbers'- EYFS student

'I enjoyed that the numbers were all mixed up, so you had to work together to follow the route in order'- Year 5 student

'I really liked the orienteering because we used maps and got to do lots of running'- Year 5 student

'Using the fingers sticks was really fun and the noise it made when you got to dab the numbers'- Year 2 student

The results are as follows:

The Charles Dickens = 725 points = 1st

The Florence Nightingales = 705 points = 2nd

The Albert Einsteins = 530 points = 3rd

The Abraham Lincolns = 335 points = 4th

Gymnastics February 2022!

New to Killingholme Primary! Students have been developing their knowledge, skill, awareness and understanding of Body Management through Gymnastics and for the first time ever we have completed and competed in a whole school Gymnastics competition using the School Games platform! EYFS took part in some fantastic apparatus balancing and walking and built up to a dismount as well as several varied rolls! KS1 and KS2 competed using star, tuck, stretch and straddle body positioning for jumps and built up to vaulting and jumping to dismount! Brilliant sportsmanship was demonstrated by all students- great job everyone! The results are as follows:

The Florence Nightingales = 115 points = 1st

The Albert Einsteins = 113 points + The Charles Dickens = 113 points = Joint 2nd

The Abraham Lincolns = 111 points = 3rd

Get Glowing December 2021!

Back by popuar demand! In December we welcomed back our Sports Partnership (Let's Get Ahead) to host their annual Get Glowing Sporting event! Students loved engaging in Glow in the Dark games that take sports to a whole new level of fun! Games included Hit the button, Badmington and Dodgeball target practice! Here's what some of our students new and old said about the event:

"I have never experienced anything like this before, it's so much fun!" -Year 6 student

"I love it because it's different, colourful and fun!"- Year 3 student

Race 4 Life 2021

On Friday 2nd July 2021, students dressed to impress and put on their 'fast feet' ready to Race 4 Life in our first ever Race 4 Life Schools event! Well done to all of our students who took part in this life-changing event and a special thank you to all of our families and extended friends who supported the school in raising funds for Cancer Research UK! Together, we raised an astonishing £547.00! We look forward to holding another Race 4 Life event, raising even more awarness and saving lives together! Well done Killingholme! 

Killingholme Sports Presentation Evening!

This year we held our annual Sports Presentation Evening and invited the whole of KS2 to join us in celebrating their fantastic hard work and skill in sports over the past year. Pupils and parents recieved fruit kebabs and refreshments, whilst every child recieved multiple awards that recognised and highlighted their dedication and efforts in a variety of sports. To finish off the evening we held a free sports raffle for our pupils that had some really exciting prizes up for grabs! Killingholme Primary would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thankyou to all of the providers that kindly donated prizes for our sports raffle, this support makes the evening all the more exciting and fun for our pupils and we appreciate your generosity greatly.

  • AirKings, Scunthorpe
  • Immingham Lesiure Centre
  • The Pods, Scunthorpe
  • Ancholme Lesiure Centre, Brigg
  • Grimsby Town Football Club
  • Eden Tanning, Health and Beauty Ltd, Immingham
  • Scunthorpe Bowl
  • Candice Beauty
  • Studio 54 Tanning and Beauty, Immingham

We look forward to hosting next years sports evening and celebrating even more success in 2023!

Sainsbury's School Games Award 2023-2024!

Platinum small

Upcoming Competitions & Events!

We still have lots in store for our students and the amazing world of sports at Killingholme Primary! Please see below for what is yet to come!

-Dodgeball competition at The Pods, Scunthorpe (Thursday 8th February 2024)

-Skip 4 Life Day 1 at Killingholme Primary (Monday 19th February 2024)

-Intraschool Competiton at Killingholme Primary (Spring 2)

-Year 3 & 4 School Swimming (Spring 2)

-Dance Showcase at the Baths Hall, Scunthorpe (Thursday 21st March 2024)

-Intraschool Festival Day at Killingholme Primary (Wednesday 24th April 2024)

-Rounders Tournament (Small schools competition) at Killingholme Primary (Monday 29th  April 2024)

-Intraschool Orienteering Competition at Killingholme Primary (Wednesday 1st May 2024)

-Skip 4 Life Day 2 at Killingholme Primary (Wednesday 8th May 2024)

-Year 5 & 6 School Swimming (Summer 1)

-Football Finals Day at Frodingham (Friday 17th May 2024)

-Whole School Colour Run (Monday 10th June 2024)

-PGL (Friday 14th June 2024)

-School Games Day (Summer 2)

-Small Schools End of Year Tournament (TBC)

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