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On our Sporting News page we'll keep you up to date on the recent Sports competitions that have taken place within Killingholme Primary's Sport houses: The Loggerhead Sea Turtles, The Laysan Albatross, The Baleen Whales and The Steller Sea Lions. Each half term there will be mini-competitions within PE lessons in which children will compete in their Sport houses and earn points which will all contribute to our big, whole school competitions. Each term there will be an intraschool competition, in which pupils will also compete in their Sport houses. Points will be added up and accumalted throughout the year which will all go towards Sports Day. We will also keep you updated here on the upcoming Sporting Event's within the wider community and how the children progress through these! Keep visiting the page for more news and update scoring throughout competitions!

Sports House Leader board 2020/21!

These are the running scores so far, for Killingholme Sports this academic year. Remember, this is an ongoing score board and is subject to change up until our School Games Sports Day. We are looking forward to future competitions and seeing the students compete for their teams! 

The Layson Albatross- 213 points

The Steller Sealions- 159 points

The Sea Turtles- 152 points

The Baleen Whales- 126 points

Dodgeball March 2021

On Friday 26th March 2021, our students all took part in an intra-school dodgeball competition! Students competed within their class bubbles and within their sports houses, to earn points that contribute towards our School Games Sports Day. All students worked very hard and there were some great examples of teamwork, honesty, respect, resilience and pure skill demonstrated throughout the whole school! Well done everyone and remember to keep checking back here for the updated overall team scores, throughout the year! 

1st- The Laysan Albatross = 140 points

2nd- The Steller Sealions = 120 points

3rd- The Sea Turtles = 115 points

4th- The Baleen Whales= 105 points

Cross Country February 2021!

On Friday 26th February 2021, students took part in a Cross Country competition on the school field. The children competed as individuals and their running times also contributed towards winning points for their school sports houses. The student's efforts and abilities rocketed and we saw some amazing competition throughout the day! Well done to each and every student that took part and a special shout out and thank you to Sarah from our local Sports Partnership (Get Ahead) for helping to organise and officiate the day! The results are as follows:

1st Place- The Steller Sealions

2nd Place- The Laysan Albatross

3rd Place- The Loggerhead Sea Turtles 

4th Place- The Baleen Whales 

Get Glowing Event December 2020!

On Wednesday 16th December 2020, students had the fabulous opportunity to take part in a Get Glowing event, organised by our local Sports Partnership (Get Ahead). The school hall was put into darkness and the students took part in several Glow in the Dark sporting activities including, New Age Kurling, Badmington and Dodgeball target practice. We also provided the students with Glow Sticks to widen their experiences and #TurnUpTheFun!

Sports Day July 2020!

On Thursday 16th July 2020, staff and students took part in the annual Sports Day! We are pleased to announce that all students displayed great sportsmanship, determination and stamina! The competition was close and students competed with every ounce of effort possible! 

The results are as follows:

The Laysan Albatross: 635 Points (1st)

The Steller Sea Lions: 555 Points (2nd)

The Loggerhead Sea Turtles: 440 Points (3rd)

The Baleen Whales: 410 Points (4th)

Well done to all of our students, we can't wait to welcome you all back in September 2020!

Sports Day 2019!

We have recenlty changed our Sports teams names based on important, life changing work we have been completing as a school. This year we have been promoting recycling, in order to enhance the awareness on plastic pollution and its devestating effects on the environment. The new team names are based on animals facing endangerment as a result of plastic pollution around the world- The Loggerhead Sea Turtles, The Baleen Whales, The Steller Sea Lions and The Laysan Albatross. This years Sports Day points are as follows:

The Loggerhead Sea Turtles- 295 points

The Steller Sea Lions- 480 points

The Laysan Albatross- 405 points

The Baleen Whales- 365 points

Well done to all of our pupils for your phenomenal effort, stamina and determination on Sports Day! Thank you once again to all parents, pupils and staff who helped to make the day a success!

Sports Presentation Evening 2019!

This year we held our annual Sports Presentation Evening on Wendesday 17th July. We invited the whole of KS2 to join us in celebrating their fantastic hard work and skill in sports over the past year. Pupils and parents recieved fruit kebabs and refreshments, whilst every child recieved multiple awards that recognised and highlighted their dedication and efforts in a variety of sports. To finish off the evening we held a free sports raffle for our pupils that had some really exciting prizes up for grabs! Killingholme Primary would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thankyou to all of the providers that kindly donated prizes for our sports raffle, this support makes the evening all the more exciting and fun for our pupils and we appreciate your generosity greatly.

  • AirKings, Scunthorpe
  • Immingham Lesiure Centre
  • The Pods, Scunthorpe
  • Ancholme Lesiure Centre, Brigg
  • Grimsby Town Football Club
  • Eden Tanning, Health and Beauty Ltd, Immingham
  • Scunthorpe Bowl
  • Candice Beauty
  • Studio 54 Tanning and Beauty, Immingham

We look forward to hosting next years sports evening and potentially making it even bigger in 2020!

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