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On our Sporting News page we'll keep you up to date on the recent Sports competitions that have taken place within Killingholme Primary's Sport houses: The Loggerhead Sea Turtles, The Laysan Albatross, The Baleen Whales and The Steller Sea Lions. Each half term there will be mini-competitions within PE lessons in which children will compete in their Sport houses and earn points which will all contribute to our big, whole school competitions. Each term there will be an intraschool competition, in which pupils will also compete in their Sport houses. Points will be added up and accumalted throughout the year which will all go towards Sports Day. We will also keep you updated here on the upcoming Sporting Event's within the wider community and how the children progress through these! Keep visiting the page for more news and update scoring throughout competitions!

Sports Day 2019!

We have recenlty changed our Sports teams names based on important, life changing work we have been completing as a school. This year we have been promoting recycling, in order to enhance the awareness on plastic pollution and its devestating effects on the environment. The new team names are based on animals facing endangerment as a result of plastic pollution around the world- The Loggerhead Sea Turtles, The Baleen Whales, The Steller Sea Lions and The Laysan Albatross. This years Sports Day points are as follows:

The Loggerhead Sea Turtles- 295 points

The Steller Sea Lions- 480 points

The Laysan Albatross- 405 points

The Baleen Whales- 365 points

Well done to all of our pupils for your phenomenal effort, stamina and determination on Sports Day! Thank you once again to all parents, pupils and staff who helped to make the day a success!

Sports Presentation Evening 2019!

This year we held our annual Sports Presentation Evening on Wendesday 17th July. We invited the whole of KS2 to join us in celebrating their fantastic hard work and skill in sports over the past year. Pupils and parents recieved fruit kebabs and refreshments, whilst every child recieved multiple awards that recognised and highlighted their dedication and efforts in a variety of sports. To finish off the evening we held a free sports raffle for our pupils that had some really exciting prizes up for grabs! Killingholme Primary would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thankyou to all of the providers that kindly donated prizes for our sports raffle, this support makes the evening all the more exciting and fun for our pupils and we appreciate your generosity greatly.

  • AirKings, Scunthorpe
  • Immingham Lesiure Centre
  • The Pods, Scunthorpe
  • Ancholme Lesiure Centre, Brigg
  • Grimsby Town Football Club
  • Eden Tanning, Health and Beauty Ltd, Immingham
  • Scunthorpe Bowl
  • Candice Beauty
  • Studio 54 Tanning and Beauty, Immingham

We look forward to hosting next years sports evening and potentially making it even bigger in 2020!

Half Term School Sports 2016!

During the Final week before the October half term, children were busy competing agaisnt their classmates in order to gain points towards their sports houses. This half term children were learning how to develop and sequence body patterns and movements through a variety of dance styles; therefore it was only fair to compete in a dance off! Well done to all of the children your efforts were phenomenal as were your attitudes and contributions to your sports houses!

December 2016 School Sports Results!

Pupils have been working hard this half term working on their co-ordination, rolling, balancing and travelling skills during Gymnastics lessons! Pupils in KS1 worked on balancing and rolling skills whilst KS2 worked on linking stages of movement together to create short sequences. Well done everyone- We were blown away by your fantastic and highly techniqued performances!

Ravenclaw- 515 points

Gryffindor- 480 points

Hufflepuff- 440 points

Slytherine- 425 points

February 2017 School Sports Results!

Hufflepuff- 625 points

Gryffindor- 450 points

Slytherine- 450 points

Ravenclaw- 425 points

April 2017 School Sports Results!

Ravenclaw- 101 points

Hufflepuff- 99 points

Slytherine- 97 points

Gryffindor- 78 points

May 2017 School Sports Results!

This half term pupils have been working hard on co-ordination during athletics events leading upto the Summer Terms Closing Sports Day! Pupils have established throwing techniques in relation with body movements to understand the best positions and movements needed for greater distance and strengths of throws. Well done guys you all worked tirelessly to earn more points for your houses, not long now until Sports Day- keep up the hard work!

Hufflepuff- 249 points

Gryffindor- 205 points

Slytherine- 204 points

Ravenclaw- 165 points


October 2016 School Sports Results!

Slytherine- 285 points

Ravenclaw- 240 points

Hufflepuff- 185 points

Gryffindor- 160 points

Once again a massive well done to children for your efforts so far. Remember- points are collacted and collected throughout the year so keep up the hard work!

Half Term School Sports 2017!

This term pupils have been working on their ball skills through a variety of different invasion games and net/wall games! KS1 have been focusing on their underarm serve and rolling skills whilst KS2 have been learning about awareness of space, catching and controlling a balls direction in order to get out their opponents. So to include these skills into our termly intraschool competition KS1 took part in a bowling competition whilst KS2 put their skills to the test in a dodgeball competition! Well done to all of the pupils- your efforts were tremendous and your support for one another was fantastic!

Points obtained can be seen below with updated overall scores at the top of the page. Please remember all points go towards our sports day this year. 

PE Programmes

On Wednesday 8th of March, North Lincolnshire School Sport visited Killingholme Primary School to educate pupils about how to lead a healthy lifestyle through their A Healthy Me project.

Pupils were taught how to read a food label to understand whether it is ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’, based on the fat and sugar content. Each class has been set a challenge, where they compete against each other, to collect as many ‘healthy’ food labels as possible. There will be a prize awarded for the winning class when North Lincolnshire School Sport return at the end of April.

We encourage you to support your child to bring the (washed out!) food labels to school, to help them to win their class challenge. 


School Sport 2017/2018!

This year pupils have been working exceptionally hard with their sporting efforts, to keep up with the new curriculum changes and increase their time competing and taking part in new sports and part of the new 60 active minutes scheme! Keep visiting for up to date points the Sports Houses have collated throughout the year and for more info on Sports your child has been accessing within School!

February 2018

This half term pupil's have been taking part within gymnastics lessons. Gymnastics is an essential part of lerning in which pupil's can strengthen their core, increase overall strength, co-ordination and rhythm. Pupil's competed within inter-class events where short sequences were assessed either individually or within small groups. KS1 pupil's focused on linking a balance and transition into a roll, whereas KS2 pupil's created whole sequences and partner balances. The points gained are as follows:

Hufflepuff: 280 points

Gryffindor: 285 points

Slytherine: 295 points

Ravenclaw: 275 points

October 2018

This half term pupil's have been learning and creating new types of dance that fit within their topic and science work. Some pupil's have created dance patterns to replicate the life cycle of a butterflies and frogs, whilst others have created dance patterns to represent viking times. The points below were achieved within inter-class competitions in which pupils worked in groups to create and perform dance sequences:

Hufflepuff: 125 points

Gryffindor: 115 points

Slytherine: 130 points

Ravenclaw: 115 points

May 2018

This half term pupil's have been working on their striking and fielding skills in which they took part in several inter-class competitions. KS1 have been working hard to understand and intercept some basic rules for kickball rounders and did a smashing job at applying these principles in a striking and fielding format! Furthermore, KS2 pupil's took part in Cricket and Rounders! Here are the results so far:

Hufflepuff: 450 points

Gryffindor: 455 points

Slytherine: 455 points

Ravenclaw: 445 points

December 2018

Pupil's have been accessing OAA lessons this half term and have competed in an OAA event. The points scored are below:

Hufflepuff: 200 points

Gryffindor: 205 points

Slytherine: 205 points

Ravenclaw: 200 points


April 2018

This term pupil's took part in the most popular dodgeball competition. To make the competition inclusive for KS1 pupil's an adapted verson called 'Mushroom Dodgeball' was included within the competition. Pupil's have been working on their invasion techniques and dodgeball was the chosen inter-school competition by the School Sports Crew (SSC). Below are the updated points so far!

Hufflepuff: 370 points

Gryffindor: 365 points

Slytherine: 380 points

Ravenclaw: 350 points

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