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W/C 8th January 2024

The children have settled back into school brilliantly this week and we have started our new topics for Spring Term. They have researched their new artist, Margret Preston and have also delved into the Viking's homelands and settlements. 


W/C 15th January

So far this week, the children have started their new DT topic, textiles. They investigated existing slippers and evaluated them relating to comfort, style and practicality. 

In Geography, we learnt about the layers of the Earth. The children created their own models and then explained a little about each layer. 

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W/C 22nd January 

On Monday, the children started exploring their new skill in Art, printing. They made their own pattern and then investigated the difference between printing on paper, tissue, fabric and hessian. 

The Royal Institute of Science also came in on Wednesday for a demonstration! Be sure to check out the events page for pictures and videos.

W/C 29th January

So far this week, we have discussed 'initiative' in Assembly and have set ourselves a challenge of using our initiative at least once this week!

We have also created expanded noun phrases about a Viking warrior in Literacy and will be celebrating National Number Day on Friday where the children are able to 'dress up for digits'.

W/C 5th January

This week, we celebrated Children's Mental Health week and Safer Internet Day. The children worked collaboratively and discussed the positive and negative impact the internet can have. They also created a poster about how they can improve their own mental health if they are feeling down. They had some brilliant ideas including: reading a book, participating in sport and spending time with a loved one.  

In History, we held a class debate. Some of the children held the view of a Viking warrior, explaining why it was important to invade and raid Monasteries whilst the others were the innocent Monks. It certainly sparked an interesting conversation!

February Half Term 

Reminder - After half term, the children in Year 3/4 start swimming lessons every Tuesday and Thursday starting on Tuesday 27th February and finishing on Thursday 21st March.

W/C 19th February 

The children have started the week by investigating the different ways to join materials in DT. They looked at joining using glue, sellotape, paper clips and thread (sewing). This is in preparation for making our slippers in the coming weeks. 

W/C 26th February 

In Year 3, the children were given the task of measuring the perimeter of the netball court using metre sticks and a trundle wheel. To make it easier, each group focussed on one third. We later compared measurements and found out the court has a total perimeter of 84m! 


W/C 4th March

This week we all celebrated 'World Book Day'. The children put so much effort into their costumes and their story jars - make sure to check out the events page for lots of pictures!

We then became astrologists and took a trip into space on Friday. We went into a planetarium and learnt all about the different planets, our solar system and discussed if there is life on other planets.


W/C 11th March

In History this week, the children looked at the importance of trade for the Vikings. They had a go at trading with other Vikings and tried to get the best bargains!

We went on a trip to Normanby Hall on Friday 15th to celebrate National Science Week. The children really enjoyed looking at the gardens, planting seeds and finding signs of the new season, Spring! It was a great reward for all their efforts during test week.


W/C 18th March

The children have been finishing off their fantasy story this week, based on the picture book FLOTSAM. They have had some amazing, wacky ideas about what could be found underwater, including a shark having a dozen mini seahorses brushing it's teeth! Make sure to check back soon to see our published pieces of writing. 

We also took full advantage of the sunshine and investigated our shadows in Science. We then tested different materials to see if they blocked light and now understand why our curtains and blinds are made out of opaque materials like felt, not hessian.

W/C 25th March

This week we have celebrated the Easter fayre and have also been completing our end of unit quizzes.

I would like to wish all the children an amazing, restful half-term, full of lots of Easter treats and I look forward to welcoming them back on Tuesday 16th April.

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