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Welcome back - 9–12 Jan 2024.mov

9/1/24 We have loved welcoming the children back after time spend at home. We have enjoyed hearing about your Christmas Break. This week we have been learning about the South Pole. In maths we have been looking at adding on one more. In phonics we have started phase 3. 

19:01:24 penguins and the south pole - 17–19 Jan 2024.mov


This week we have been learning about penguins. We have been enjoying the book Lost and Found. We have enjoyed looking and exploring the ice outside.

In phonics this week we are looking at the sounds, oo,ar and or.

Science, sounds and reading - 24–26 Jan 2024.mov


This week we have enjoyed a science show, we have then been doing out our sciences shows. In nursery we have been learning about different sounds and enjoying playing the bingo sound game.



This week we looked at measuring compared sizes of pancakes. We enjoyed making and tasting the different pancakes. 


This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year, dancing, food and calligraphy with Mr Lee. 

Wow, this week we went had a visit from the planetarium, we learnt about rockets and the moon. 


This week we have been reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been learning about growing and plants.

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