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Welcome to Class 4

Teacher: Mrs Bramley

General information

Homework, spellings and reading: Homework is sent out on a Monday and collected on a Friday to be marked. Spellings are tested on a Friday.

The reading expectation is three times a week at home and will be checked each week.

Autumn Term



In Class 4 we cover poetry, narrative and non-fiction across the school year.

We link the English to our topic of study at the time as far as possible and use opportunities for applying English skills in topic lessons.

Autumn term our books are:

  • Harris Burdick
  • The Black Dog.

Spring Term our books are:

  • Leon and the Place Between
  • Pied Piper of Hamlin

We be studying the Black Death and the Plague (1346–1353)

Summer term our books are:

  • Flotsam
  • Heart in a bottle

We will be studying the Vikings.


Year three and four are taught Maths no problem which is based on the Singapore methods of teaching. This provides all children the opportunity to make progress and the use of ‘Same Day Intervention’ means children get additional input for those skills they have found challenging that day.

Children develop understanding of number and calculation methods as well as having daily ‘Maths Meetings’ at the end of Maths sessions to practise and apply their skills.

At the end of year four children are expected to know their x tables up to 12 x 12.

Learning about Hannukah

Wow! What an afternoon. We've been making latkes and dreidels. Some of us even won at a game of dreidel too! Have a look at what we've been up to!