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Welcome to Class 4 - Year 5 and 6


Teacher: Mrs Renwick and Mrs Bramley

Teaching Assistant - Mr Whyley

General information

Welcome to Class 4! Homework is handed out on Monday and is returned on Friday. Each week we send home an English, maths and spelling homework. We expect pupils to read five times a week and this runs from Friday morning to Friday morning. 

Our PE lessons take place on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.

Community Quiz

Please take the time to complete this short community quiz to help the Parish Council gather your views on developments in our local area. 


Grammar Quiz - Wednesday 11th November

Please complete the quiz below:

Alternatively you can also click the following link to access the quiz: 


Remote Learning Lessons - Autumn Term 2 Week 1

Tuesday 10th November

Monday 9th November

Friday 6th November

Thursday 5th November

Wednesday 4th November2020


Conditions in Factories, Mills and Mines

A Victorian Christmas and Entertainment at Home

A Victorian Census

Please click the link to access the class presentation on the 1851 Victorian Census:

Victorian Education and Ragged Schools

Please click the link to access the class presentation on Victorian Education and the Ragged School: 

RE Survey Link

Please click the link below to access our survey to find out your views on what the word God means to you: 


Corona Virus - Quarantine Work Pack 

If you are currently having to self-isolate as a result of the Corona Virus we have provided a pack of tasks which your child can complete over a 14 day period. These activities are not exhaustive and as the situation unfolds websites such as the BBC and Twinkl are providing additional educational resources for students who have had to self-isolate.

Our Tudor Houses

This term in design and technology we have been exploring structures, we have combined this with our history work on the Tudors and we are currently designing and constructing a replica Tudor house. We have explored the timber construction techniques commonly used in the Tudor period, and after creating our plan drawings we have now begun our construction. So far we have dyed the wood (with wood dye) ready for cutting!

Parts of the Heart

In science we have been studying the human body and specifically the function of the heart and circulatory system. In this lesson we used Plasticine to create replica models of the heart (including the chambers and the valves) and we used these models to help us explain how blood enters and exits the heart via veins and arteries.

Exploring and Investigating Unusual Angles

In our art work we have been exploring and investigating still life arrangements from unusual angles. In these lessons not only have we experimented with drawing from different viewpoints (including being stood up and being sat on the floor) but we also experimented with drawing with different mediums (specifically mediums such as felt tips, and pencil crayons which can not be rubbed out). This work has really helped us reflect on how we choose to draw and the different effects which mediums can create. We were so pleased with our sketches that we chose to show them at our recent Harvest festival. Please look out for our sketches on a display board around school!

Understanding the Circulatory System

In our science lesson we have tried to understand the location of our heart within our body. We have mapped out how blood travels from the heart to the different parts of the body. Using our maths skills we were able to work out approximately how long blood takes to travel from the heart to our feet and back again!

Victorian Religion, Church and Chapel

Mr Uney's Ukelele Lessons!

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