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Welcome to the Foundation Class

The Foundation Stage is the period of education from birth to 5 years. In Killingholme Primary School our Foundation Stage consists of a nursery and a reception class. 

Our curriculum is based upon continuous provision that has been carefully chosen to provide open ended resources to create an inclusive curriculum. We then use In The Moment Planning (ITMP) to extend and challenge our children’s learning at their stage of development.

Our goal is to encourage the children to become confident communicators, independent learners, willing writers,  exceptional explorers and much more. In order to support this, our environment is based on the children's needs and interests. The children have daily phonics lessons and teacher led activites. 

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Autumn Term

This half term we focussed on the story 'The Little Red Hen'. 

Little Red Hen Talk For Writing



To become a master of maths, who can show a deep understanding of numbers to 10, recognise patterns, subitise, compare quantities and recall number bonds to 5.

Personal, Social and Emotional

To become an Independent Individual, to show empathy to others, to show resilience and determination when faced with a challenge. To be able to manage their feelings and personal needs. To be kind caring and helpful to other be a Fantastic Friend.


Understanding of the world

To become an Exceptional Explorer, show curiosity about the world. To understand and read a simple map and talk about differences in times and places. To care about our community and environment show awareness of other people cultures and beliefs to become a Compassionate.

Expressive Arts and Design

To become a Proud Performer who can perform a song, poem or dance to an audience , to retell stories with confidence, play a range or percussion instruments with good rhythm.

To become a Dynamic Designer who can make a range of well made creations using the correct tools safely.


Spring Term

This term we are looking at winter, animals and habitats and people who help us.

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