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Let's Get Stepping 2019 Comes to Killingholme Primary!

As part of our provision to raise sporting attainment across the whole school- we've decided to take part in a new competition called Let's Get Stepping! We have bought 6 Fitbit Zips for both children and staff to compete against each other and see who can do the most steps each week! Each week the children and staff members have the opportunity to wear a Fitbit Zip and contribute some 'Whopping Steps' for their class. Here at Killingholme we've decided to up the competition by competing agaisnt the classes in the school and not only that but we're also competing against other schools in North Lincolnshire! Keep checking the website for more updates on our 'in school' competition and to see how we're doing agaisnt other local schools too!

Let's Get Stepping September 2020!

A fabulous start to the new school year with the #Let's Get Stepping programme! The results are as follows:

1st- Year 1/2 with 287,235 Steps!

2nd- EYFS with 192,746 Steps!

3rd- Year 5/6 with 190,493 Steps!

4th- Year 3/4 with 163,793 Steps!

Congratulations Year 1/2 and well done to all of our hard working and super stepping students!

#Let's Get Stepping!

Spring 1!

The results are as follows:

1st- Year 1/2 with 332,118 Steps!

2nd- Year 3/4 with 237,792 Steps!

3rd- Year 5/6 with 228,053 Steps!

4th- EYFS with 189,023 Steps!

Congratulations Year 1/2 on maintaining the victory! Well done to all of our students once again for your hard work!

#Let's Get Stepping!

Spring 2!

The results are as follows:

1st- Year 1/2 with 229,361 Steps!

2nd- Year 3/4 with 177,624 Steps!

3rd- EYFS with 147,267

4th- Year 5/6 with 137,216 Steps!

Congratulations Year 1/2 on yet another victory! #Amazing Achievement!

#Let's Get Stepping!

July 2020!

We look forward to continuing the #Let's Get Stepping competition when we see you all back again in September!

#Stay Active, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

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