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Let's Get Stepping 2019 Comes to Killingholme Primary!

As part of our provision to raise sporting attainment across the whole school- we've decided to take part in a new competition called Let's Get Stepping! We have bought 6 Fitbit Zips for both children and staff to compete against each other and see who can do the most steps each week! Each week the children and staff members have the opportunity to wear a Fitbit Zip and contribute some 'Whopping Steps' for their class. Here at Killingholme we've decided to up the competition by competing agaisnt the classes in the school and not only that but we're also competing against other schools in North Lincolnshire! Keep checking the website for more updates on our 'in school' competition and to see how we're doing agaisnt other local schools too!

Spring Term 2!

What a fantastic start to Let's Get Stepping Killingholme has had! All children and staff were really excited to wear their Zip for the day and count up some steps for their classes! The results for the Spring 2 half term are as follows:

1st- Year 3 & 4 with 65,825 Steps!

2nd Year 2 with 65,770 Steps!

3rd Year 5 with 59,873 Steps!

4th Year 1 with 56,432 Steps!

5th Year 6 with 48,578 Steps!

6th EYFS with 48,567!

Not only was this our first time competing agaisnt the classes in school, it was also our fisrt time competing agaisnt the other schools in North Lincolnshire! All children and staff at Killingholme managed to Step a Whopping 437,866 Steps- which landed us a Fantasic 7th Place out of 19 Schools! Well done everyone!

This stepping phenomena has left the children super motivated and determined to win in the Summer Term! #Lets Get Stepping!

Summer Term 1!

Another fantastic effort from all classes this half term! Children and teachers have utilised their Fitbits in and have encouraed pupils to get some extra steps in to really push the competition to the limits! The results for Summer 1 are as follows:

1st- Year 6 with 96,646 Steps!

2nd- Year 2 with 80,017 Steps!

3rd- Year 3/4 with 62,939 Steps!

4th- EYFS with 44,805 Steps!

5th- Year 1 with 44,145 Steps!

6th- Year 5 with 40,055 Steps!

Keep up the great work guys for Summer 2! Don't forget we are going to be adding up the scores across the year for the overall winners! #Lets Get Stepping

Summer Term 2!

Well done to all the children and staff who have stayed motivated this half term to cotinue the competiton for the most steps! I think it's fair to say everyone has enjoyed being part of these weekly competitions that encourage physical exercise and healthy wellbeing! The results are as follows:

1st- Year 3/4 with 69,982 Steps!

2nd- Year 1 with 68,921 Steps!

3rd- Year 2 with 48,725 Steps!

4th- Year 5 with 40,499 Steps!

5th- EYFS with 37,047 Steps!

6th- Year 6 with 20,592 Steps!

A brilliant result for the end of the school year! Well done to all the pupils and staff once again for your hard work and Stepping dedication!

#Lets Get Stepping!

July 2019 Results!

The results are as follows for this Years Winning Steppers (including additonal steps from the last three weeks)!

1st- Year 3/4 with 289,270 Steps!

2nd- Year 6 with 278,158 Steps!

3rd- Year 2 with 268,644 Steps!

4th- Year 1 with 234,383 Steps!

5th- Year 5 with 202,498 Steps!

6th- EYFS with 185,236 Steps!

Congratulations to all classes this half term- I look forward to seeing the results in September 2019!

#Lets Get Stepping!

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