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Enterprise Y6 Ice Cream Sale - 2014

Enterprise - Y6 Ice Cream Sale

June 2014

To help kick start our new Enterprise curriculum Y6 were presented with a challenge. Working in teams of four the children were given a start up capital of £5 which they were allowed to use to purchase stock. With the help of a business plan the children were encouraged to work out the costing for the products which they wanted to sell working on the basic principle that the difference between your purchase price and your resale price is your profit. The challenge was simple the team which by the end of the week has the most profit wins.

It was safe to say we were all blown away by the results! All teams experienced consistently high demand for ice creams/ice lollies all week and as a result the teams had to think carefully about how to restock their stalls. The teams also learnt how to manage a working till including being able to calculate a float and work out how much of their takings to bank or reinvst each day. 

Thanks to the outstanding organisation and sales efforts of all three companies, every team finished the week in profit with the winning team making a net profit of £50. It has been a fantastic experience and one which the children have really enjoyed, some children have even decided to carry over their new found entrepreneurial skills into their Lifestyle Challenge. Watch this space Alan Sugar!

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