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Taylor Swift - Long Live


Queen's 90th Birthday

Follow the link below Class 4 to conduct your research into significant events which have occurred during the lifetime of Queen Elizabeth II


My Chinese Teacher

Here are some fabulous pictures of Class 4 taking part in their weekly Mandarin lessons with their Chinese teacher, Mike. So far we have learnt to meet and greet in Mandarin as well as learnt some simple Chinese characters. We've really enjoyed the opportunity to wok with someone based in China (Beijing) without even leaving our classroom!


Assessment for Learning

Please follow the link below to complete the survey on Assessment for Learning


Careers Visit

Today Class 4 welcomed Rebecca a female electrical engineer who works for Lindsey Oil Refinery. Rebecca did a fantastic job of using practical demos to showcase the many different types of engineering available. Secondly Rebecca was a fantastic role model for any budding female engineers!



World Book Day 2016

Wow! The costumes this year were fantastic, all the staff were overwhelmed by the efforts which parents and children had put into their costumes. This year the children chose a particular book which they would like to find out more about and then took part in a series of activities about their chosen books. Below are some pictures showing what everyone got up to:




Today, Class 4 had the pleasure of welcoming local children's author Addy Farmer to help them write, and publish their very own book on careers. Over the past few weeks the children have been interviewing a variety of professionals about their careers.

Addy came in today to help us understand the context of publishing and also some of the key features we needed to consider when developing the book. This was a great opportunity to see how the process of proof-reading and redrafting a piece of writing works in reality, we also had the chance to 'Skype' a working publisher Simona, who will also be providing us with some valuable feedback on the book.


Faster than a speeding bullet!


In class 4 we have been learning more about the Bloodhound Racing Team's attempt to beat the land speed record. We looked at the history and science behind the car's development. We also explored the different ways in which a vehicle can be propelled using air, just like the thrust from the car's Eurofighter jet engine! Once again many thanks to Stuart (our STEM network ambassador) for popping in and inspiring out children!

You can find out more about Jaguar's Bloodhound Racing Team by following the link below. We wish the team all the success in the world as they attempt to break the current record of 800mph this summer.




Who were the Anglo Saxons?

Happy New Year! Welcome back, today we've been looking at personification in poetry, some of us have also bad a go at performing The Sea poem. Later on we also began to complete some Anglo Saxon challenges. We looked using Runes to write. We also created our own Anglo Saxon timelines, some of us also looked at the origin of words. Have peek at what we've been up to!



Celebration Assembly and Carol Service

Well done to all the winners of the Headteacher's Award and thank you to all the parents who came to help us sing our Christmas Carols! Merry Christmas everyone!



African Mask Workshop

Today we took part in a workshop were we learnt facts about the African 'Dan' mask (for example the fact it is made from the 'miracle tree'); we also had a go at decorating our own masks using traditional African patterns. Have a look to see what we've been up to!



Stuart Houses and Addition

This week has been a busy week again as the children have been getting to grips with the addition of four and five digit numbers. The children have been using manipulatives to help them understand how to carry numbers before they moved onto more abstract problems. In the afternoon we focused on our DT skills by creating the timber frame for a mock Stuart House. We created the house to help us understand why the Great Fire of London was able to generate such levels of destruction. It is our intention to use our mock houses to recreate the layout of houses in London during the Stuart Period. Miss Sunman has promised to set fire to the 'mock' London to show how flammable the building materials were. Here are some pictures of everyone getting stuck in!



The Great Primary Debate

Three lucky individuals have been chosen to represent the school at the very first North Lincolnshire Great Primary Debate. The children did a fantastic job of debating pertinent issues such as 'Should parents teach children how to manage money?' 'Can you only be considered British if you were born in Britain' and finally 'Children should use the bus service more often'. We were even further impressed to hear that the boy's views will also be used to inform upcoming local council legislation. The boy's very much enjoyed the opportunity and are looking forward to participating in the next annual debate. Excellent work boys!



Was Oliver Cromwell right to overthrow the king?

Thats the question Class 4 have been discussing today, we've been focusing on supporting our opinions with facts as well as beginning to understand there are two sides to every debate.


Remembrance Service

This year we commemorated Armistice Day by visiting the local Methodist Church. The church kindly allowed us to host our own remembrance service which consisted of some very poignant contributions (in the form of poems and readings) from the children. The event was incredibly moving for both adults and children and we would like to extend our thanks to the church, the parents who atteneded and also Mrs Jordan who organised the event.



Class 4 Blogs Now Live!

Please check out the blogs which Class 4 have been creating this term! Follow the link below


STEM in Action

This week Y6 visited the KC Stadium to take part in the STEM in Action day. The children worked alongside other schools from across the Humber area. It was a great opportunity for the children to meet and work with adults who are involved in a wide range of industries: for example the children worked with the British Horseracing body as well as Kingston Communications. The children had a fantastic time and we look forward to the next STEM in Action event next year!



COSTAIN Safety Briefing

Today Class 4 were fortunate enough to be visited by Steve from Costain. He came to speak to the children about how to keep safe around the village whilst the major roadworks are being undertaken. Steve also kindly brought a JCB digger to show everyone. The children also helped design pictures for a forthcoming calendar which will form part of their Enterprise work this term (they will be on sale in November). Remember Be Safe, Stay Away!!



The Deep Science Club

This week Y6 visited The Deep in Hull for a science club session which allowed them to look at how classification is applied to marine life. The children classified sharks and surgeon fish using keys, and I'm sure they found it a memorable experience. We are now looking forward to going back in November for our second visit!



End of Term Treat - Monkey Bizness

Well done to the children whose fantastic behaviour meant they earnt themselves a day out at Monkey Bizness; here are some pictures of the children enjoying themselves:


Y6 Leavers - Chinese and Bowling

We all had a fantastic time at the traditional Chinese and Bowling Night. Many, many, many thanks to the superb KSSC for organising and funding event - it was much appreciated by all.



Y5/6 Coffee Afternoon - A FANTASTIC SUCCESS

Wow! There aren't many other words to sum it up. After the weeks of planning the big day came together and was a resounding success. The children did a fantastic job serving the tables and their manners were impeccable (we've been focusing on formal and informal speech)! Everyone enjoyed themselves and in total the class managed to raise £50 for charity. Keep checking our class page as the children will be writing their own recounts about the coffee afternoon in the next few days.



Wow - Y5/6 are BBC Radio Humberside's Fundraiser of the Week!

Big thank you to Jack and Scarlett who came up with the fantastic idea of contacting the local radio station to promote their coffee morning. So proud of the initiative which they've shown! You can listen below (they're fifteen minutes into the broadcast). Well done guys! 


Maths Revision


Class 4 - Coffee Extravaganza!

Do you like coffee and cakes? Well you will be joyous because Class 4 are holding a coffee afternoon at 13:30 to 14:30.  There will be lots of delicious food and hot drinks. It will be held on Thursday the 9th of July in the Enterprise Suite. Please come, you will enjoy the lovely coffee, tea, biscuits, etc.

Class 4 Pupils Wins Prestigious Golf Scholarship!

We are pleased to announce that Johnathan Kittle (Y6) has won a 5 year golf scholarship to St James Independent School in Grimsby. I'm sure you will agree this is a fantastic opportunity and we wish Johnathan every success in his blossoming golfing career. It is also great to see the positive impact which the Sports Premium grant is having on encouraging children to follow their sporting dreams. Well done Johnathan, we are incredibly proud!

Here are the newspaper clippings!



11+ Grammar Practise Tests

Hi parents, I know that some of our Y5 pupils are hoping to enter Caistor Grammar next term and as a result I thought you might find it useful to have a few practise 11+ tests (especially the verbal reasoning skills). If you follow the link below and subscribe (it's free) then you can download as many papers as you'd like.


Welcome to our Mayan Day!

We decided to start our Summer term off with a bang with our very own Mayan day. The children had four different challenges to choose from: Mayan weaving, building a Mayan house, creating a Mayan codex and creating and playing the Mayan game of Patolli. By the end of the day all the children had completed at least three of the challenges; it was a great opportunity for the children to showcase their independent learning skills as well as produce some fantastic display work. The children are now very eager to find out more about the mysterious Mayans!





Here are some of the pictures of the fantastic gymnastics work which they have been doing in PE. We look forward to handing out some more of our Key Steps Gymnastic Awards!



Human Utopia

This week the our Y5/6 children took part in a special workshop at Oasis Academy Immingham. The children took part in various activities (with the assistance of the Y9 Heroes) and developed their teamwork and social skills. The event was kindly hosted by Human Utopia. The children and staff had a fantastic time and we will treasure our tree as a souvenir. We would like to thank Peter, Josh and Loz and the Y9 heroes for all their hard work. We look forward to seeing you again soon.



Greenwich Meantime

Please find the link  below to find out more about Greenwich Mean Time.


Equivalent Fractions

Today in maths, some of the class have been investigating which fractions are equivalent. To carry on learning more about equivalent fractions join Dick and Dom on the link below:

Are the Earth and Sun space cousins?

Please follow the link below to help you investigate the relative sizes of the Earth, Sun and the Moon.


Scrapstore Workshop 2015

Today, to round off our investigation into why we need the rainforest, we invited the Scrapstore team in to help us turn the Enterprise Suite into a rainforest. The team worked really hard producing the Kapok Tree and although a work in progress, we are all pleased with what we have achieved. Thank you also to Maggie and Derek, our two Scrapstore Artists, who came to help and also to our two student councillors for their suggestion that we turn the suite into a rainforest. We hope you enojoy our pictures.



Safer Internet Day 2015

Today we have been focusing on how we actively use the internet. In particular, we have been dispelling the myth that material can be posted online 'privately'. As a class, we have created a set of guidelines to help us when we post material online and to help us remember, we have designed a class mascot. Each member of the class designed their own mascot and then as a class, we voted to choose our final mascot. We then used this mascot to create stickers (which are stuck on the computers around school) and we have created magnets (which we have taken home). Below are a sample of the mascots which we designed. We hope these guidelines will help all of us maintain a positive online presence:



Our Bag for Life Enterprise Project

This term we started to collate ideas for leaf designs in preparation for our bag for life enterprise project. Our plan is to design and make fabric bags which we can then sell for a profit. All the proceeds from the project will go to a rainforest conservation charity of the children's choice. Here are some examples of the moodboards which the children created yesterday:





Why is the Amazon river important?


To find out more reasons why rivers are so important to people follow this link:




Dodgeball Competition


Recently, nine of our pupils represented the school in a local dodgeball competition hosted at the PODs in Scunthorpe. Although the team didn't place, it was a chance for them to showcase their fantastic sportsmanship. Well done!






Kidblog - Rainforest in a Jar


This term, Class 4 have been looking at the different layers of the rainforest. We have recreated a mock up of a rainforest in a jam jar and then published our own blogs describing each of the layers and the animals which live within them.


Class 4, you can access your own blog using this link below:








The Great Kapok Tree - Puppet Shows


In Class 4, we have been studying the Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. To help us to remember the story structure, we decided to act out the story using a puppet show. Everyone made a fabulous effort and we are really pleased with the quality of our finished puppet shows. Below we have included a sample of some of our performances. Here are some pictures of us making our puppet show theatres:






STEM Ambassadors



During our first week back, we welcomed Stuart, our local STEM Ambassador on Thursday and Friday to assist in building an electric all-terrain vehicle.


We constructed a chassis from wood and dowel using a variety of tools such as glue guns, saws and drills. Our vehicle needed to be able to travel across a specially adapted circuit which involved a range of different challenges, including a sandpit. We used what we knew about electronics to create our very own remote control.


At the end of the project, we tested our vehicles and were pleased to announce 'THE Team' as the overall winners. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed creating our vehicles and all the teams put in a splendid effort.


Childline - Workshop


Here at Killingholme Primary School, we take our children's safety very seriously. Therefore, we were very happy to welcome Lucy, a representative from Childine into Class 4. We listened to a workshop all about the different forms of abuse which children can suffer from and all the different things we can do to tackle it.






Scunthorpe Re-generation Project


As part of our developing enterprise programme, this week Class 4 welcomed a visit from North Lincolnshire Council to hear about the re-development project currently taking place in Scunthorpe. We were all interested to hear about the planned developments around Glanford park. Here are some pictures of what we got up to.


Phillips 66 - Enterprise Suite - Update


We are pleased to announce that the Y6 children are now in the process of planning the upcoming opening ceremony for the brand new, purpose-built Enterprise suite. I'm afraid this is all the information we can disclose at this point as the details remain strictly confidential.


Why do we need rainforests?


This term we are looking at all the different things we depend on the rainforest for. In particular we will be looking at the the story of the Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. For your information and interest; below I have attached some plans of what we will be up to this term in literacy, topic, science and maths. We hope you find this information useful.





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