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This term in Class 4 we are explorers!

In Class 4, our topic for this term is explorers! We are learning about famous explorers and how they lived, travelled and explored the world! 

History and Geography

We began our term by creating a timeline across history filled with famous explorers; from Christopher Columbus to Ann Bancroft. Tracking exploration across the centuries, we worked together in teams to create our timeline of explorers. Inspired by the legendary Captain Cook, we have been working on our atlas and map-reading skills to create maps of Europe, label the continents and locate the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

To expand on our explorers theme, we began to look at the formation and exploration of the British Empire. After studying the empire, we created a court room in our classroom. We acted as lawyers and jurors to decide whether the British Empire was good or bad.  



Our focus for this term in Science is animals. We have started learning about different animals that live in the United Kingdom. As a class, we have thought of lots of interesting questions that we will be investigating.

What do different animals eat?

What are their habitats like?

What is a food chain?

Which animals are predators?

Which animals are prey? 

Alongside our work in the classroom, we were lucky enough to spend an afternoon with a local animal expert and ask him some of our exciting questions! 


Art and Design Technology

Building on our topic of explorers, we have been learning about the British Empire and its connections with China. We were inspired by the famous blue and white Chinese porcelain and we have designed our own ornaments.

We carefully sketched our chosen designs and then sculpted them using salt dough. After we had created our pottery, we decorated it in the style of the Chinese porcelain we studied. We painted a base layer of white paint and then added detail using small brushes and blue watercolour paints.  


Guided Reading

To complete our guided reading work for last half term, we worked in our groups to create a non-fiction presentation. First, we chose an information text from our group's guided reading book. Next, we worked together to decide what type of presentation we were going to do, how we were going to present the information and also which key facts to include on our poster. Everyone worked really hard in their teams and we developed our communication skills! At the end of the week, we took turns to present to the class. All of the presentations were fantastic!

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