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Together with the headteacher, governors help to plan the direction for the school. Governors decide how the school budget is spent and they decide together on school policies.

Governors monitor how things are going in the school and they challenge the school when aspects could be improved and they respond to inspection findings.

Governors hear appeals from parents and they respond to complaints.

Governors also produce an annual report for parents and the governors meet together at least once a term, although there are other smaller meetings at different times each term.

  • Carol Eaton - Head teacher governor
  • Rebecca Renwick - Staff governor
  • Allison Tillett - Chair of Governors/Parent
  • Peter Ironman - Vice Chair of Governors
  • Margaret Hartley - Co-opted governor
  • John Speyer - LA governor
  • Leonie Kitchin - Co-opted governor
  • Matthew Sutcliffe - Co-opted governor
  • Angela Hewson - Co-opted governor
  • Lynda Cavanagh - Co-opted governor
  • Amanda Foley - Associate governor
  • Janine Knight - Associate governor
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