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STEM Day (Tower Building)


Our Experience:

What an exciting day we had! We got to create towers that we made from cocktail sticks sticking them together with midget gems! We were so tempted to eat them all up! However, we did not as we did not want our towers to fall down. Before we constructed our towers, we learnt about how buildings are built and how they are structured. We learnt about the foundations when buildings are built... If these are not strong enough then the building may collapse and come crashing down! 

Some of us did not use enough cocktail sticks and our towers became weak and started to fall over! We soon learnt that we needed to use more than one cocktail stick so that it became strong enough to stand up. Did you know that we even had a competition to show who could build the biggest tower and stand for the longest? We needed a strong base so that the towers could stand without tumbling down! After we created the towers we made little cardboard bridges and balanced straws on them to see how strong they were. After that, had another competition to see whose bridge was the strongest.

We had an amazing day and we hope that you enjoy looking at our pictures.

By Class 3 and Mr Vessey.

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