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Sir John Franklin's Lost Expedition

Sir John Franklin

Our Learning

In our topic work, we are learning about famous travellers and explorers. A famous traveller that we have learnt about is Sir John Franklin. We focussed on Sir John Franklin's Lost Expedition. Did you know that in 1845, Sir John Franklin's ship became icebound in the Canadian Arctic? Unfortunately, himself and 129 other men were trapped in the cold, freezing ice. 

Our Experiences

To imagine what it was like on-board a ship, we laid on the floor in the dark, closed our eyes and listened to the waves. Whilst our eyes were shut, Mr Vessey sprayed us with water and we imagined that this was the huge waves hitting our ship! We then sat in a circle, listening to the Arctic sounds whilst discussing Sir John Franklin. In the middle of our circle, we had a camp fire! We imagined that Sir John Franklin used wood from his ship to create a fire so that himself and his men could keep warm. We really loved this experience!


Our Writing

After we were inspired by Sir John Franklin, we imagined that we were him! We planned and wrote a letter from Sir John Franklin to his wife, Jane Franklin. We discussed how Sir Franklin would have felt at the time of writing the letter and included these feelings in our writing. We all worked extremely hard with our writing and we are all extremely proud of it. Please take a look at some of the work that we have been doing.

By Class 3 and Mr Vessey.

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